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Post  Hpobbseser on Wed Jun 04, 2008 7:07 pm

Hey Everyone!!! Okay, Well I Have Heard Some People Do Not Know How To Role Play, Donít Worry Lots Of People Donít. First Thing To Think About Is Pretend Your Writing A Book, And Its Another Harry Potter Book But With Different Characters, But Yours Is The Main One, The Only One YOU Are Writing About And Describing What Your Char Is Doing, How She/He Is Speaking, What Action, Etc. So For Example: Timmy Walked Down The Street And Said Out Loud ďIím Going To Go To Grandmaís HouseĒ. [Lol Yes, Very Bad Example But Itís Just To Show You :P ] Do You See How I Did That? You Donít Speak For Another Char, Just Yours And Only Yours. But You Donít Say I Or Me Your Writing Your Self [ROTFL I Mean Pretend That Your Writing A Book About Your Char At Hogwarts]

Please, If You Have Any Question On Role Playing Or How To Role Play PLEASE PM Me.

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