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Post  freetobandito on Fri Oct 17, 2008 8:09 am

MuggleNet's Halloween Costume Contest

Sponsored by Magical Tours and Alivan's

All you have to do is put your most amazing Harry Potter themed costume together, get dressed up for Halloween 2008, and get yourself photographed. Contestants may submit his or her best photograph to be entered into the judging.

Use your costume design talents and photographic skills to score a win in this fun contest! Your finished masterpiece will be reviewed by MuggleNet Staffers to select the Top 25 Semi-finalists. MuggleNet fans will then vote for their favorite costume on to determine the Top 7 Finalists. Expert judges from will then determine the 3 Winners from among the Finalists. The winners will receive these terrific prizes:
- 1st Place: The Collector's Edition of Beedle the Bard from Magical Tours (release date: 12/4/08)
- 2nd Place: Your choice of a Majestic or Regal School Robe from Alivan's
- 3rd Place: Your choice of any wand from The Classic Collection from Alivan's

Entries must be received no later than 11:59 PM (Central Time) on Wednesday, November 5th, 2008!

The contest is open to everyone, all ages, and from every country worldwide.
Your costume may be based on any Witch or Wizard, ghost, creature, or Muggle featured, described or mentioned in the Harry Potter Books - 1 through 7.
This contest is for individual costume designs and characterizations. If more than one character is prominently featured in the photograph submitted for judging, the entry will be disqualified. Group costumes (for example - the whole Weasley Clan in one photo) are prohibited.
Your costume may be made or assembled all by yourself, or you may have help with it. Costumes may be custom-made from scratch, rented, borrowed, or assembled from stuff you find under your bed. It may be put together by a committee; but only the person wearing the costume in the photograph will be entered into the competition.
Contestants are allowed to use make-up, prosthetics, masks, wigs, or full-body outfits. But be aware that originality, ingenuity, and cleverness will be major factors in the judging.
Photographs of anyone submitted fraudulently (for example using someone else's photo without his or her permission) will expose the entrant to possible legal action!
You may use sets, props, backdrops, lighting effects, or anything within reason to make your costume and the photograph of it memorable Š but just don't copy the work of others. Be original!
The photograph of the contestant in costume must be in JPEG format only, and must be included as an attachment to the e-mail submitting your entry.
Here are the TECHNICAL RULES for your still photographic entry:
1. JPEG images only. Size not to exceed 900 Pixels High X 675 Pixels Wide (either Vertical or Horizontal orientation is OK)
2. All photos must be un-retouched! Photo Shopped images will be automatically disqualified.
3. Image must be a single photograph Š no composite images allowed.
4. No text applications may be incorporated within the photograph.
Keep it clean and appropriate! All ages will be viewing your photo. After all, it is about Harry Potter. Use common sense Š you know what's OK and what's not. Any submission containing obscene or suggestive material will be automatically disqualified, and will not be linked to for voting.
DO NOT reveal any personal contact information in your photograph. Just use common sense to protect your privacy. Your submission e-mail will provide your name and contact information. (MuggleNet will need it to identify you.) And, of course, neither Magical Tours nor will reveal or post your full identity or any contact information without your permission. OK, when you've made your costume and photographed it to your satisfaction, send an e-mail to In the e-mail include:
Your name
A working e-mail contact address
A brief statement of who or what the costume is intended to be We will send you a reply when your entry is received and viewed to be sure we can open it properly, and that the entry meets the requirements.

After previewing all entries, the Top 25 selected for posting by the MuggleNet staff will appear for voting on Our fans will be invited to vote for their favorites. The result of the voting will determine the Seven Finalists.

Be sure to have your e-mail entry with the JPEG attachment sent to us not later than 11:59 PM (Central USA Time) on November 5th, 2008!

Voting will begin on Saturday, November 8th, and run through 11:59 (Central Time) Tuesday, November 11th.

The 7 Finalists will be announced by Friday, November 14th.

The 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Winners will be announced on on Sunday, November 16th, 2008.

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Post  Tammy :) on Fri Oct 17, 2008 7:46 pm

The Leaky Cauldron has a costume contest, too. Details below:

As it is now October, a slight crispness in the air signals that Halloween is almost upon us. In order to get in the spirit of the holiday, our Leaky Contest Crew has paired up with our Crafty Witches and has come up with a new contest which we are launching today. The Harry Potter Costume Contest asks you to create a costume of any Harry Potter character, magical creature, wizarding community member, or theme from the Harry Potter novels. Costumes may be made from scratch or pieced together utilizing commercially made products. Creativity and attention to detail rule the day! The designers of the top three costumes will receive a custom made wand from Wizard Wood Wands as their grand prize.

Further information regarding the guidelines for homemade and commercially constructed costumes can be found at this link. Please submit to us via up to two images in jpg, .png, or .gif format of your costume by Sunday, November 2, 2008 at 11:59 pm (EDT). Be sure to include in the email the subject line “HP Costume – commercial” or “homemade,” along with a name which you’d like to be identified by. As with all of our contests, anyone not involved in the judging process over the age o 13 may submit up to one entry. All work and photographs should be PG13 appropriate and adhere to standards of decency and good taste. Full information on this and all of our contests can be found over on our Contest Page and in the Contest area of our Leaky Lounge forum.
Tammy :)
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