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Ello my ppl's! this is just a snippet of sumthin I've been havin some fun w/. Tell me what u think ! i need help w/ my writing i know my punctuation is bad!

Jacey stood, cleverly concealed, behind a golden tapestry. She was waiting for the sound of Filtch’s screams and Mrs. Norris’s loud meows, she only hoped the cat wouldn’t sniff out her hiding place. She had just planted her last supply of dung bombs in every knight’s armor on the entire 7 th floor. She had been spending her money on this prank for a long-while now and only hoped it would go well. Once she heard Filtch’s cry of revenge she would giggle and sneak through the smoke of the dung bombs, over to the portrait which held a secret passage just behind. She heard the footsteps as he walked into the fogging hallway and as she had anticipated he had swore his revenge for the umpteenth time this year. Then as she had planned she began her fit of laughter, trying hard not to roll to the floor as she crept to the portrait of Sir. Cadogin. “Entropy” she spoke between laughs, but as she went to climb in she felt a rough hand wrench the back of her robes and grasp her long ,brown pony tail. “Let go of me!” she twisted and swung trying to free her self of Filch’s grasp. Before she could shout and use a swear- word that she was sure every professor would disapprove of, a warm hand covered her mouth and then another grasped her flailing right leg. She had been trying to kick Filtch’s beloved cat for pay back. Then two more hands grasped her under each arm. What the! She thought worriedly to herself.
Last time she checked Filtch didn’t have quite as many limbs as the giant squid. She tried to look around but saw nothing but shadows in the smoke. As she was dragged away Jacey could see the shadow of Filtch and his cat. Wait, she was being dragged away from Filtch. She heard a deep male voice that whispered something that sounded like “bat wing” but it could have been “bee sting.” Suddenly she was thrown into an unfamiliar portrait and then she heard footsteps as the owner’s of the hands stepped inside with her. Immediately she stood ripping her wand out of her pocket and pointing it at the stranger’s. Even though there wasn’t any smoke in here there was still no light. “Lumous” Jacey whispered and the end of her wand was instantly lit, revealing the faces of the people who had captured her. Four boys, tallest had sandy blonde hair and light green eyes, the next two were similar in height both with long black hair. The first black haired boy had hazel eyes and a pair of round glasses, but the other black haired boy had brown eyes. The smallest boy had blonde straw- like hair with rather sad blue eyes. On each of their faces was a worried look as if they had been trying to stop Jacey from revealing their identities. “Who are you four?” she questioned them, her wand shifting between the boys. “Just the people that saved your butt from one of Filtch’s fun detention’s” said the brown eyed boy, pulling out his own wand and the other’s followed his motion. “I was doing fine” Jacey protested.
“Till you almost wet yourself with glee” smirked the boy with the glasses.
“Shut it” she hissed at him,
“ Oh, this ones feisty, ain’t she Moony? ” The boy with glasses nodded to the boy with the light green eyes.
“Stop making it worse Prongs.” Said the one she took to be named “Moony” as he eyed her wand wearily.
“Why’d you plant the dung bombs?” The brown- eyed boy cut in and she answered honestly. “ Got bored, hate Filtch, he gave me detention for coming in muddy from quidditch last week.”
The two black haired boy’s faces lit up.
“That’s right you’re the chaser ” said the one with glasses, apparently called “Prongs”
“Yeah, why?” Jacey asked, they must be quidditch fans as well.
“Your awesome on a broom.” Jumped in the blue eyed boy who looked as if he were cowering behind “Moony” now.
“What’re your names?” she changed the subject, quidditch was her favorite sport, but not important while she had just been dragged off.
“While I” the brown -eyed boy came forward putting a hand to his chest as if he was expecting a cape to billow behind him, “Am Stink Toe-e-son.” Then the boy with glasses hoped forward and did the same heroic stance as the brown-eyed boy. “I, more importantly, am Toe Stink-e-son.” They were both trying desperately to hold back laughs, even Moony and the blue-eyed boy.
Jacey couldn’t help but smile, “original” she rolled her eyes.
“And you maiden? What is your name?” The boy with glasses asked, still in a super-man voice.
“My name, fellow maiden, is not of importance, at least not until I know your REAL names.” Jacey smirked at the looks on their faces. She could tell they hadn’t been denied a request very often.
“James Potter is the git with the glasses, Sirius Black is the other black haired prat and over there’s wormtail” Moony pointed to the boy with the sad blue eyes. “And my name is Remus Lupin” He held out a hand and she shook it. “Now your name?” he questioned when they let their hands fall back to their sides. “Jacey Blaze, pleasure to be captured by you” She smiled. “You play pranks a lot?” James questioned.
“Depends, who wants to know?” Jacey said, a sly expression on her face
“Ah, so you do” Sirius draped his arm over her shoulder “I have a feeling we could help each other out a bit” he raised a thick eyebrow. So they were fellow pranksters, good she needed some friends who weren’t afraid to get caught. “In fact, we were coming here to dorp a few things on our dear friend Filtch, when we spotted you had already done our job.” James came to her other side, a happy look playing across his face. “Pleasure to do business with you” Jacey nodded, smiling at her new friends. Suddenly there was a voice outside, it was a smooth female voice but it sounded furious as it screamed. “James Potter you prat! Show your face you coward!” The boys all looked at one another. “Crap, and there isn’t another way out of here is there?” Sirius had a worried look on his face as he asked the others. “C’mon guys” Remus huffed “Mine as well get it over with.” Once again James, with a defeated look on his face, whispered the password to the portrait and then exited the hole in the wall. The smoke was now gone and Filtch was nowhere in sight but in his placea red headed witch, around the same age as Jacey and the other’s, which was about 17.
When she turned around she saw the group climbing out of the portrait Jacey realized how beautiful she was with her fiery hair and green eyes. They were different than Jacey’s, lighter green and more, smiley. “You” she swung an angry look directly at James. “Your supposed to be a prefect!” she stomped forward, finger pointed at James Potter’s heart. When she was less than an inch away she shoved the finger into his chest and poked him repeatedly as she continued to lecture. “Why would you even dare to do such a thing! You’re a prefect and with all your responsibilities and….” She stopped to recognize the impishly smiling Jacey who had begun to wave her hand behind James head. “Um….Hi” Jacey said , noticing that the girl had paused to look at her. “Truthfully this isn’t James’s fault at all, it’s mine, they” Jacey pointed with her thumb over her shoulder at the three other boys. “Saved me from getting caught actually.” The red head put her finger down and James finally took a breath. “Your name is… Blaze right?” The girl questioned now looking at Jacey with interest. “Yeah, Jacey Blaze, see, I was getting back at Filtch” Jacey brushed her bangs out of her face nervously.
“You’re the chaser on the quidditch team?” The girl continued to question.
“Um yeah, what’s your name?” Jacey asked her. “Lily Evans” she answered, she seemed to have a smile on her face now and definitely less crazed.
“Oh yeah,” Jacey exclaimed. “I’ve met you before! We’ve had classes together, you’re a genius.” Jacey smiled back at her and Lily nodded a bit of embarrassment showing in her face. “No it’s really cool” Jacey encouraged her.
“Your only like point five behind me in grades you know” Lily pointed out and this time it was Jacey’s turn to be embarrassed. “This was your idea?” Lily pointed to the fizzled out dung bomb that now lay on the floor. Jacey laughed once “kinda, sorta” she smiled. Lily rolled her eyes “It’s not worth it” she whispered to Jacey. “Huh?” Jacey was confused, what did she mean by that?
“What ever they told you they’d do if you did that” she again motioned to the dung bomb “Get off the marauder train A.S.A.P” Lily raised her eyebrows. The boys just stood and looked confused as Lily whispered out of earshot.
“Whoooooooh” Jacey had finally got the meaningand begun waving her hands in front of her own face mabe thinking the image she just got would be wiped out of her head. “NO, you don’t understand! I did this myself, not for them” Jacey shook her head rapidly.
“OH! Thank goodness, just making sure, you can never know around them” Lily looked relieved as she pointed at them with her thumb. “No worries there” Jacey and Lily giggled amongst themselves.
“I’m beginning to feel a bit out of ‘the loop’” Sirius chimed in and the girls realized their distance and walked closer to the boys. “Why is it called a ‘loop’ anyway?” Jacey asked the group “I mean it’s not like there’s a designated shape.”
“Exactly!” James exclaimed “finally someone who understands!”
“How do we know it’s not a square?” Remus considered the idea
“Maybe it’s a triangle” Peter finally spoke.
“See, it’s a malicious plan” Jacey told them her theory “They want us to be confused by an invisible shape!”
Lily stood beside Jacey and shook her head “You fit right in” she laughed. “This is whom I’ve been competing with all year for the best grades! You wouldn’t even know.”
“Well, dear friend, I to have a hidden agenda” Jacey put an arm around Lily “Just like the ‘loop’ we’re old pals.” Jacey smiled.
“Okay, enough ‘loop’ talk, we have to get working on the next plan!” Sirius exclaimed excitedly
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