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Post  Guest on Thu Jul 31, 2008 9:52 am

The trailer starts with the Hogwarts Express going Hogwarts. Do we see the Slugclub? Harry hiding? Draco breaking Harry's nose?
Now it's snowing on top of Hogwarts. What part is that?
A corridor of people and students. McGonagall up front? Mostly teachers? Where are they going?
Memory storage case; Dumbledore: "What you are looking at are memories"- wesee Dumbledore through the case with Harry in the background. Dumbledore " in this case pertaining the one individual" Dumbledore shows Harry a case-:"This is perhaps the most important memory I collected, i'd like you to see it"
WB logo pops up
Harry goes through the pensieve.
Dumbledore walks from car (liscense DLD 325) to front of the orphange
"TO KNOW THE FUTURE"- pops up.
Head lady-" In all the years he's been here, Tom never had a visitor" to Dumbledore going up stairs to Tom's room.
Tom in forefront-small bed on side, cabinet in corner-Dumbledore in background- the room reminds me of the ministry.
Tom sitting at desk: "You are a doctor arent you?"-Dumbledore: "No"-Tom: "Who are you?" cut to Dumbledore-: "I'm like you Tom, i'm different"- cut to Tom: "Prove it"-cut to Dumbledore burning the cabinet. Didn't he use his wand in the book?- cut to Tom looking.
Running in wheat?-a blur running?-who? Harry? maybe Fenrir? now see a person- definitely a werewolf- has to be Fernir.
Ginny-bathrobe-loses wand-wheat field- wet hair? How-when-where in book?
Harry over Ron-possibly when he poisoned by wine in pajamas-they were in Slughorn's office-Why is he not giving him the Bezoar?
Gaunt's ring found by Dumbledore-flash of Voldy-back too Dumbledore taking off the ring.
Dumbledore-standing crystal looking rocks with fire around-cuts to Dumbledore swiriling around kinda. perhaps the cave scene.
Tom standing: "I can speak to snakes too" wideout to see Dumbledore stop with a shocked face. Close up on Tom-:"They find me......whisper things", flash of Voldy from O.O.T.P looks like.
All black-HP theme song-HP logo
Still black- Harry: "Did you know sir, then?" Dumbledore: "Did I know if I had just met the most dangerous dark wizard of all time?..... No"
"THIS YEAR"-pops up-fades
"WWW.HARRYPOTTER.CO.UK"-pops up-fades


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Post  Reaper Nanashi on Thu Jul 31, 2008 9:54 am

Ahh....That rock idea is a good one. The one with the fire. I thought they were broken up technology. lol

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